Phu My 1 day tour: Vi Rong Cape – Tra O lagoon – Giant squash village

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05:30 - 11:00

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Daily Tour

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25 people


English, Korean, Vietnamese

About this tour

Phu My district has 1 freshwater lagoon and 05 small uninhabited islands, namely Hon Lao (or lying buffalo island) located southeast of My Thanh commune; cluster of 3 islands, Hon Tranh (or Hon Quy), Hon Dun (or Dao Don, also known as Hon Nuoc) and Hon Nhan located east of Tan Phung Hamlet, My Tho commune; Another island of the district is Hon Kho located east of My Duc commune from Ha Ra looking towards the southeast. Phu My has many special dishes such as: Shrimp vermicelli, Enh Mun, wine, Giant squash, 3-month sticky rice…


  • Capturing the needs of tourists interested in the community eco-tourism model, plus the available potential of Phu My District, Phu My District has boldly put into operation the community eco-tour.
  • TRA O - HUGE PURCLEAN VILLAGE with the aim of finding a new direction for themselves as well as Binh Dinh tourism industry, and the important thing is that the company wants to develop local tourism, wants to promote it widely to people all over the world. All over the country can know the potential of tourism in Phu My, thereby helping to develop tourism in Phu My district and bring new development motivation to the people here.


  • Local tour guide is experienced, happy, enthusiastic and professional
  • New life car according to the schedule
  • Tickets to visit 1 time points in the program
  • Breakfast with rice noodles in Phu My
  • Big brim hat Sombrero Quy Nhon Tourist
  • The organization of the island trip includes: round trip boat to Hon Dun, Hon Tranh, diving goggles, snorkel, life jackets, lifebuoys, shark buoys...)
  • Fee for crossing Binh Long bamboo bridge.
  • Fees for renting a rowing boat to drop fishing nets + Dress in loose clothes.
  • Clean water
  • Travel insurance
  • Tax
  • Expenses for meals outside the program, personal entertainment


05h30: Car and tour guide Quy Nhon Tourist pick you up at the meeting point. Then depart for Phu My to visit eco-tourism sites, communities and experiences.

07h00: Have breakfast with Shrimp Noodles - Phu My rice, a famous specialty of Phu My in particular and Binh Dinh in general (shrimp and rice are caught from Dam Tra O, the rice is similar to a crab but has many varieties. bricks and tiles are yellow). Phu My Rice Noodles.

Rice vermicelli - a famous specialty in Phu My that cannot be missed.

08h00: The first point you visit is Mui Vi Rong - a mountain shaped like a giant dragon carved and sculpted by nature.
You get on the boat to visit and take pictures of Vi Rong Cape and snorkeling at Hon Dun Island (Hon Nuoc) as well as observe the bird Nhan - A bird quite familiar to the people here on Hon Nhan Island. located next to Hon Dun island. Hon Dun Island with clear, cool water. Standing on the boat, you can see the bottom with colorful corals, intact layers and schools of colorful fish swimming around.
In addition, you can also take pictures at Bai Egg on Hon Dun island, the egg beach can be said to be on par with the egg beach at Ghenh Rang tourist area (Quy Nhon city).

10:30: You return to Bai Ngang - This is a fine, white sand area close to Vi Rong Cape with clear and very shallow water village, interwoven between white sand and rock blocks, children can play as much as they want. .
Tourists swim at Ngang beach - the water is very clear and calm.

11:55: You take a fresh water bath, then have lunch with fresh seafood dishes that have just been caught by the fishing village people to prepare for you to enjoy.

After noon, you take a rest and relax a bit before getting on the boat back to the mainland to visit the next tourist destination.
The next attraction that you come to is the Giant Squash Village. This is the only village in the country that grows giant squash (the biggest one can weigh 100kg). Giant Squash Village is located in Chanh Trach Village, My Tho Commune, Phu My District (Binh Dinh).
You will visit the squash garden, take pictures and videos, take selfies... Then you will use squash juice and pumpkin jam processed by local people (clean squash). You can buy squash, squash jam as gifts. (Uses of squash: Losing weight, beautifying the skin, cooling, detoxifying, preventing heatstroke, heatstroke, refreshment, preventing boils, itchy sores, heat rash, high blood pressure and obesity ...)

After taking pictures and enjoying the squash juice, Quy Nhon Tourist guide came to visit Binh Long Bamboo Bridge over 300m long. The bridge crosses Tra O lagoon with poetic scenery, water on all sides. Scenes of people rowing boats and dropping nets to catch fish, harvesting raw materials for weaving mats… However, the most interesting thing here is going over the bridge; Walking through was difficult, riding a motorbike was more interesting, feeling both scared and excited, when you passed, you wanted to continue.

15h00: Our delegation to visit Dam Tra O eco-tourism area.
Here visitors will experience the feeling of the countryside, rowing boats, casting fishing nets, fishing, planting trees (sweet vegetables, morning glory ...), picking coconuts... With fresh, cool air, the winds The light from the lagoon blowing in with the aroma of rice on the field will make you have an indescribable, relaxed feeling, returning to childhood memories.

17h00: Have a meal with specialties with the identity of freshwater lagoon such as: Grilled rice/Ram tamarind/burnt garlic, Watermelon fish soup with bitter gourd/Shrimp soup from Dam Tra Lo giant squash, Snakehead fish with bananas , Braised catfish with turmeric, Boiled water spinach/sweet vegetables dipped with Ram water, steamed rice, fruit dessert, iced tea. After dinner, the delegation departed to Quy Nhon City, ending the journey of Phu My 1 day tour. Farewell and see you again.


5 - 7 hours



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