City Tour to explore Quy Nhon

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7:30 - 16:15

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Daily Tour

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25 people


English, Korean, Vietnamese

About this tour

Quy Nhon – The peaceful city “The of mountains facing the water” that you must definitely come to if you plan to travel to the Central region, especially the land of Xu Nau. Quy Nhon city has a long, curved coastline in the shape of moonlight and a poetic history of many famous poets, the most prominent being Han Mac Tu.


  • City Tour Quy Nhon will help you better understand the beautiful city of Quy Nhon, one of the cleanest and most livable cities in the Central region, and listen to the guide tell about the history of the land that was once the Cham capital. The legendary Pa, about one of the famous shipping ports of that time (Salt Water Trade Port), or about poems associated with famous stage names such as Trinh Cong Son, Han Mac Tu, Xuan Dieu , Che Lan Vien…


  • New cars according to the schedule
  • Hearty lunch
  • Tickets to visit tourist attractions in the program
  • Enthusiastic and experienced guide.
  • Travel insurance
  • Water
  • Tax
  • Expenses for meals outside the program, personal entertainment.


07h30: Car and tour guide Quy Nhon Tourist pick you up at the meeting point to take you to visit

08h00 – 08h30: Arrive at the Monument of Nguyen Sinh Sac – Nguyen Tat Thanh: – This is the first monument in the country about Uncle Ho and his father. The monument is a historical-cultural work of profound political and human meaning, showing the attachment and blending of fatherhood and love for the motherland and country. You visit and take pictures here for 30 minutes.

08h30- 09h45: Tour guide takes guests to Ghenh Rang Tien Sa tourist area, go up Mong Cam slope, Thi Nhan hill, bow respectfully to Han Mac Tu's grave, visit Queen Beach, where there are stones Egg shapes stacked on top of each other create a beautiful, romantic scene. Enjoy the unique skills of Dzu Kha's fire pen, and hear about the life and talented career of poet Han Mac Tu, a poet whose life, though short, has left a legacy of Vietnamese poetry.

09h50: Continue to Camp Phong Quy Hoa: Where poet Han Mac Tu used to live and heal. Strolling on the garden of statues of famous Eastern and Western physicians shady under the green pine trees, enjoying the gentle cool breezes from the sea, letting your bare feet rest on the fine sand, listening to the waves lapping and enjoying. The peaceful tranquility of life, immersed in the cool, clean water of Quy Hoa Beach.

11:50: Have lunch at a restaurant in Quy Nhon city.

14h30 - 15h30: Get on the bus and go to Twin Towers, one of the 07 clusters of Cham towers in Binh Dinh. The cluster of towers with 02 ancient towers with Angkorian architecture, built in the 12th century, is located on a flat plane right in the heart of Quy Nhon city.
15h45: Visit and take souvenir photos at Long Khanh Pagoda, a temple located in the city center, one of the two oldest temples in Binh Dinh province, a valuable historical and cultural relic high. Here, you burn incense to pray for your family.

16h15: Visit the Cathedral Basilica, also known as the Spike Church. The church was built in the shape of a cross, with a pointed tower soaring to the sky. The church is over 100 years old, has experienced the rain of bombs and bullets, witnessed the formation and development of Quy Nhon urban area.


5 - 7 hours



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From: 780.000đ
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