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Binh Ba Travel – Cam Ranh City


Cam Ranh city is the second largest city of Khanh Hoa after Nha Trang city. Cam Ranh tourism is also very new, there are many things for visitors to explore here.

On the journey to Cam Ranh, visitors should visit Bai Dai. Bai Dai beach about 25km, located between Cam Ranh airport and Nha Trang city, so convenient for people to visit. You can take the National Highway 1A, turn on the way Cam Ranh Airport, continue about 12km visitors will encounter the land road and travel about 200m will meet the beach. Although Bai Dai but the length of the beach is only about 1km. The beach here is smooth, very clean and especially not much impact of human hands. Binh Ba Tour from Let’s Fly Travel good services.


To reach Cam Ranh you can choose a variety of vehicles such as passenger cars, trains or aircraft. Passenger car, you should choose reputable car companies such as Phuong Trang, Mai Linh bed is very comfortable and convenient, especially when you travel at night. If you take the train, you should pick TN2 to Cam Ranh Station, then down, from here about 5km to the center, you can call Mai Linh taxi to the hotel. If you choose an airplane you should book early for a good price and save money, you should register with the airline mail to receive good mail or promotional hours. From Cam Ranh airport to the center about 17km.
From Hanoi and Da Nang, you should choose the means of transportation by air to check the time, while the western area must move to Ho Chi Minh City first, then connect Cam Ranh.
Which points should visit Cam Ranh:


Bai Dai is located in Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Lam District, along the National Highway 1A and turns towards Cam Ranh Airport about 10km. You will encounter this natural beach. Quite contrary to its name, Long beach but not long, with a length of only 1km, but still tourists are sure to stop when going to Cam Ranh by the sea in white sand, dunes Sand in the title of the picture in the paintings make visitors spoiled for the scene.

Bai Dai - Nha Trang


Binh Lap is a recently mentioned name with much frequency and is likened to a small Maldives paradise of Vietnam. Unlike Binh Ba lobster Island, you have to take a boat to come to Binh Lap. You just have to drive a motorbike or hire a car to travel to and visit. The beach still retains the wild nature of nature because not many tourists know. Down the road leading to Binh Lap will be the village of Tau Bo – where fishermen live most concentrated area.


With fresh sea views, Binh Ba becomes a reliable hot spot for many young people for this holiday and summer. The island is offshore, so you have to buy a boat ticket to catch the lobster island. Currently, Binh Ba is considered as a military island, so the journey here you need to prepare sufficient personal identification in case of strict control. Binh Ba is not only the ocean scene with colorful coral reefs at the bottom, here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the tombs, statues of Quan Yin to the natural beach stretching series. The vom so as Nail beach, beach, Old yard, … You can refer to travel Binh Ba one of the most should go to Cam Ranh.


Binh Hung is located in the deep water port of Cam Ranh, Cam Binh Commune, arrives in the summer and the first 6 months is the best, because of the last months of the year sea and wind storm. If you come from the Binh Ba Sea, you only take an hour to go to the sea to Binh Hung. Egg beach, beach, Ong beach, Hon Chuoi … are beaches that you should try to visit once if you have come to Binh Hung.

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